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Another patch for 1.8.0alpha5

If you are using the alpha-test release 1.8.0alpha5 of the LambdaMOO server,
please make the following patch.

In execute.c, in the function `unwind_stack()', at line 280 add the line marked
with a `+' sign below:

  		  case BI_CALL:
+ 		    a = &(activ_stack[top_activ_stack]); /* TOS has changed */
  		    a->bi_func_id = bi_func_id;
  		    a->bi_func_pc =;
  		    a->bi_func_data =;

This fixes a truly horrific bug discovered by Brian Buchanan, the potential
consequences of which are frightening to contemplate.  Just for the record,
this is the *third* bug Brian's reports have caused me to fix in this routine,
which is completely new in 1.8.0.  I think it's at least getting a lot more
stable as time goes by, eh Brian?  :-}


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