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Another suggestion for a built-in...

Well, I guess this probably won't make it into the 1.8.0 beta, but it'd be
useful if there was a built-in that would return a list of all variables
defined in the current verb, along with their values.  I'd like to be able
to do something like:

   if (<some expression that should never be true>)

in a few places in my code, and then make a :send_warning verb that will mail
me the callers() stack along with a readable form of the variable dump. 
Maybe you could also make a built-in that will return the variable dump for
each verb in the callers() stack?  But that one might have to be
restricted for non-wizards because some verbs might store !r property values
or other information in a variable, assuming no other verbs can read it.

Well, this idea just came to me while I was debugging my code, anyone have
any other suggestions?

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