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1.8.0a5 binary string suggestions (fwd)

On Thu, 11 Jan 1996, Pavel Curtis wrote:

>    that isn't an ASCII printing character, the space character, or the TAB
>    character will be represented as the four-character substring "~NNN", where
>    NNN is the octal representation of the byte; the input character `~' is
>    represented by the two-character substring "~~".  Call this representation
>    of bytes "binary strings".  Input from a connection in binary mode is *not*

It might be nice to represent '~' with '~<octal code for ~>' rather than 
'~~', since this would make things like a true length function simpler 
(just subtract 3 times the number of tildes from length()).

More importantly, now that we have binary i/o, there's no reason other 
than compatibility to treat TAB as a printable character anymore, is 
there?  I seem to recall that it was only done in the first place to 
support gopher.  Since the gopher code uses normal i/o, there is then no 
reason not to translate tabs when reading binary strings.

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