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Re: Emacs as an editor

> >I'm tipping that loading doesn't mean just opening the file in the emacs
> >editor.
>         Yes, correct.  You run the progrma emacs without any
> arguments.  Normally you will get a quick banner-info screen that
> will disappear when you hit any key.
>         On most Unixes, M-x usually means hitting the ESCape and
> then X keys, one after the other.  Don't hold the ESCape key down
> while hitting the X - ESC is more like a tab key than a shift
> key.

Yep, this is what I do.

I've tried several things:

     a) Loading with no args, opening the file, then M-x clpmud
     b) Loading the file from the shell, then M-x clpmud
     c) Every other key-combo I could think of :)

It seems that M-x clpmud is supposed to run a macro. However, how will emacs 
know of a macro's existence if I don't define it in some way? I mean - 
loading the file for editing shouldn't do it...

>         (My apologies if that one was a little TOO newnie-ish;
>         I've no clue as to your level of Unix expertise!  Please
>         take no offense.)

No probs, any help is good help.


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