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Re: 2 more things in alpha..

>Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 00:44:32 PST
>From: Kipp the Kidd <>
>Subject: 2 more things in alpha..
>  And last, it would be REALLY 
>HELPFUL if the do_command(user,command) patch was added, forcing 'user' to 
>do 'command'.  And, if at all possible, let it work even when a user 
>isn't connected...  I have found many uses for this on my minimal, such 
>as command aliasing, taking over someone's character to find/fix a bug, 
>and maybe for the .programmer to write self-bot code on their character 
>in the MOO code...

You can do that yourself - just port the puppet and put it in the player
hierarchy.... lots of potential fun there :)


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