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Newbie Alert - cannot get my server started

I'm an experienced MOOer, and am taking my first crack at running my own MOO.
Here's the problem:

I am running Linux 2.3 and downloaded LambdaMOO-latest from parcftp.
I followed the instructions in the README - ran sh configure, edited
the options.h file, and ran make. I tried to run restart using
a LambdaCore from parcftp - but the log tells me the MOO can't run
because it can't find the moo executable.

HELP!! have I downloaded the wrong source??

Another question: when I ran sh compile the resulting note tells me I
can only define NP_SINGLE. I believe this means only 1 mooer at a time.
What must I change on my system to allow multiple users, ie NP_TCP?


Kim Silk-Copeland
Communications Resource Coordinator (Internet)
The Discovery Channel Canada


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