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Re: Newbie Alert #2: Keeping the MOO going

Sander van Drooge wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Jan 1996 wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Things are going well. I'm now running the Oct94 LambdaMOO db, and
> > am finding it pretty easy to set up. But, there's one more thing:
> >
> > To start the moo, I log in to my Linux pc and run the moo executable.
> > (moo Lambda.db dumplambda.db),
> > and it goes on its merry way, but is running in the foreground (it
> > lists what it's doing as people connect and disconnect, etc.) So,
> > if I log off, the process is killed. How do I keep the MOO running
> > without the security risk of leaving myself logged on?
> You can start the moo (just like other Unix processes) in the background, by
> starting the moo with
> moo <startup-db> <dump-db> <portnumber> &'
> If you want to keep the log messages, use:
> moo <startup-db> <dump-db> <port> >> moo.log &
> > Also, if it crashes, how do I restart it without losing all my work?
> > Do I just use the previous dumplambda db as the startup db?
> You should use the most recent dump of your moo, which you can use as the
> startup-database.
> Regards,
> Sander

Much easier way to do it... use the restart script that is included with the
server.  Type 'restart dbname'  leave .db off the file name, optionally as a
2nd argument you can specify a port (defaults to 7777).  It handles putting
the process in the background and saving the log file, and keep other files
tidy like the old db and old logs.

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