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Re: Wishful thinking

Joe Shaw writes:
> Floating point numbers: ...
> Tables/dictionaries: ...
> If floats and tables were incorporated into Lambda, that would likely bring
> together the best of both worlds.

I agree that both of these would be worthwhile additions to LambdaMOO (indeed,
I had a small role in advising Rob on the form they would take in LPMOO and I
once had strong intentions to implement them in LambdaMOO).  However, I am very
quickly permanently running out of time to work on the MOO server and have had
to sharply limit the list of features that I'll put in before permanently
ceasing development.  That list is now *very* short indeed, finally to the
point that my next release will most likely be 1.8.0beta1, after which I won't
be adding any substantial new features.  In particular, neither of these
features made the cut; I won't be doing them before I quit.

Of course, I will presumably hand off the code, notes, sketches, etc. to some
`sucessor' after I quit work, so don't give up hope.  Maybe their first project
will be one of these two...



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