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Re: Wishful thinking

ThwartedEfforts drew these hieroglyphs:
> Come to think of it, why are all the current 'space game' implementations
> using some 3d space idea.  Is anyone doing a TradeWars style layout?  Not
> only would this be much easier to program, but it would remove concentration
> from the actual navigation (join the Navy if you want to learn that :) ) and
> more on the actual battle taking place -- ends up being "can my 50 fighters
> take on your 500 fighters" rather than being a game where my knowledge of
> polar naviagtion is pitted against yours.
> "Er, set a heading, er, 90mark45, engage at, uh, warp 1"
> "Warp to sector 55" (a la TradeWars)

because if i wanted to go from room to room -- err, i mean sector to
sector to navigate, i'd play a DikuMUD.


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