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Re: Wishful thinking

At 10:54 AM 1/17/96 -0800, you wrote:
>If the X, Y, or Z coordinate is greater than sqrt($maxint/3), then we have 

Agreed.  And I never thought that $maxint would be too small :)

>For piloting an object through space, integers simply do not suffice.

=> 26745

Assuming three decimal places, that gives you 26 sectors a side to your 3d
space, which comes out to 17576 sectors total (assuming space is 'square' :)
). Assume 2 decimal places, at 267 sectors each axis, that's 19034163 total
I've played alot of TradeWars in my time, and I've never come across a game
that had more than 2k worth of sectors (75% of which went unused).

Anyway, thank god we don't need to plot every object through space for all
cases, talk about lag. :)

Come to think of it, why are all the current 'space game' implementations
using some 3d space idea.  Is anyone doing a TradeWars style layout?  Not
only would this be much easier to program, but it would remove concentration
from the actual navigation (join the Navy if you want to learn that :) ) and
more on the actual battle taking place -- ends up being "can my 50 fighters
take on your 500 fighters" rather than being a game where my knowledge of
polar naviagtion is pitted against yours.

"Er, set a heading, er, 90mark45, engage at, uh, warp 1"

"Warp to sector 55" (a la TradeWars)


(incidentally, there is some debate here in the office as to if the
functions you gave for calcing distance and whatnot are what is needed... :)
Some seem to think that the limit of sqrt($maxint/3) is incorrect. herf. oh
well, it will keep everyone here busy for a while :) )


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