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That patch I had...

A long time ago, I posted a message asking who wanted a patch I had.  
Still don't remember?  I had incomplete code...heh,...heh.

Anyway, I have ALL the code this time.  If you want the code, mail me.  
Here's a description:

This code creates a builtin called sneak() (or it can be renamed).  It 
allows you to input direct commands into a player (connected or 
non-valid), as though the player typed the command himself/herself.  The 
form is: sneak(player, string);

For example, you can type:

;sneak(#86, "@quit")

This line would disconnect #86, as though he typed @quit himself.

Here's a simple way to artificially connect a player (this code works on 
ANY MOO, no matter the site or port):

;sneak($network:open("", 9, #86), "")

This builtin is wizonly, and works only on non-wizard characters. (unless 
otherwise edited within the code)

Just drop me a line if you want a look at the code.  It has been 
successfully installed from LambdaMOO 1.7.8 and tested as high as 1.7.9p2.

The Raptor


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