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Re: That patch I had...

On Thu, 18 Jan 1996, The Raptor wrote:

> This code creates a builtin called sneak() (or it can be renamed).  It 
> allows you to input direct commands into a player (connected or 
> non-valid), as though the player typed the command himself/herself.  The 
> form is: sneak(player, string);

This code is almost exactly like the 'do_command()' patch that has been 
floating around.  It is incredibly useful... PAVEL PLEASE INSTALL THIS!  
Perhps it would be better if the command actually work directly on 
unconnected people, instead of having to use $network...

> Here's a simple way to artificially connect a player (this code works on 
> ANY MOO, no matter the site or port):

Assuming, of course, the MOO HAS a $network, and enabled OUTBOUND_NETWORK.

> It has been successfully installed from LambdaMOO 1.7.8 and tested as high
> as 1.7.9p2.

Does anyone have a patch that will work on 1.8.0?  I have made many uses 
for it in my MOO core, but I can't really use it unless I actually have 
the patch...  It's got many uses, like making personal command aliases.

- Kipp


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