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Re: That patch I had...


Jay wrote:
> > As an additional, thanks to Pavel for adding all we need to control
> > the sending of \r for better Web displays, serving binaries from the
> > MOO as an HTTPD (with the addition of FUP) and possibly building a
> > MOO-FTP server/client object, without having to hack the server for
> > it.
> I'm confused; I guess the only advantage I see to \r is octet-stream
> formats like gif.  Do you use selective \r elsewhere?

As I've explained before, using our MOO as an HTTPD to a Mac seems to cause 
double spacing of lines.  By removing the \r from all lines, we fix this, and so 
we have been tweaking the server so we can control when we ouput \r\n and when 
we just use \n.  It works.

> Note that MOO isn't really well suited to serving static files
> anyway---there are plenty of high performance web servers around that
> will load your system far less.

Yeah yeah, we do it this way now.  But we want to be ABLE to do this, for 
completeness.  You never know when it might come in handy ;O)

> Have you noticed a real speedup from listassoc?  Like one that's
> documentable?  I'm always interested in going after hotspots...

There is a standard patch in the patch FTP site for replacing listassoc and 
listiassoc with builtins.  We've been using them since 1.7.8p4 to 1.8.0a5 with 
no problems and a lot better performance.



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