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Re: That patch I had...

> As an additional, thanks to Pavel for adding all we need to control
> the sending of \r for better Web displays, serving binaries from the
> MOO as an HTTPD (with the addition of FUP) and possibly building a
> MOO-FTP server/client object, without having to hack the server for
> it.

I'm confused; I guess the only advantage I see to \r is octet-stream
formats like gif.  Do you use selective \r elsewhere?

Note that MOO isn't really well suited to serving static files
anyway---there are plenty of high performance web servers around that
will load your system far less.

> The only changes we make now to the C are to add do_command and my
> PEM decoder, and add the listassoc patch to speed up the stuff we do
> a lot in HTML creation.  

Have you noticed a real speedup from listassoc?  Like one that's
documentable?  I'm always interested in going after hotspots...

> We will miss you.

No, aim a little higher, and to the right---he's hiding behind that
liveboard there... :-)

Jay Carlson

Flat text is just *never* what you want.   ---stephen p spackman


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