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Re: That patch I had...

> >As I've explained before, using our MOO as an HTTPD to a Mac seems to cause 
> >double spacing of lines.  By removing the \r from all lines, we fix this,
> and so 
> >we have been tweaking the server so we can control when we ouput \r\n and 
> >we just use \n.  It works.
> Even better would be to let the producer of your web client know that /r
> (and company) are white space, and should be ignored (or reduced) when
> displaying HTML.
Umm.  Netscape???  Actually, it happened with all the browsers that were tested, 
as they all use the same builtins of MacOS.  You want to ask Apple to re-write 
the OS so we can web to MOOs better?

This fix was cheap, fairly easy and worked for us.  I appologies for it if it 
hurt anyone's sensibilities. ;O)

As I say, we can now do it all in-core, so it's even simpler.


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