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Re: That patch I had...

> >> This code creates a builtin called sneak() (or it can be renamed).  It 
> >> allows you to input direct commands into a player (connected or 
> >> non-valid), as though the player typed the command himself/herself.  The 
> >> form is: sneak(player, string);
> >
> >This code is almost exactly like the 'do_command()' patch that has been 
> >floating around.  It is incredibly useful... PAVEL PLEASE INSTALL THIS!  
> >Perhps it would be better if the command actually work directly on 
> >unconnected people, instead of having to use $network...
> I can't see a use for this.  Why would a wizard want to cause another player
> to invoke commands?  Can't the wizard write code that doesn't require 
> this sort of game-playing?  (How does this builtin handle the callers() 
> stack?  Does it lie to callers() as well?)

One thing I can think of is NPCs (Non-Player Characters)... It would be 
much simpler to make NPCs seem more like real players... It would also be 
good for some of us silly coders who overuse player:tell() in such a 
case. :)



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