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Re: Shutting down without dumping?

On Sat, 20 Jan 1996, The Raptor wrote:

> Call me stupid, but how can I shut down a running MOO without it dumping 
> the database.  We just had a SERIOUS accident on a new MOO DB, and when I 
> did a shutdown(), it dumped it, saving the fatal screw up.

You can't from in the MOO.  The way to do this is to, at the unix prompt, 
type 'ps' to see the process ID of the moo, and then type:

prompt> kill -9 <process ID>

MAKE SURE you use the -9 flag, or else it'll allow the MOO to dump.  By 
setting -9, you're basically just pulling the plug on the MOO with no 

> I'm not very good with MOO-servers yet, so please give me pity.  Also, 
> tell me how I can restart an old DB, because I'm really in the hole here.
> :P

Get rid of your, and restart off of the .db one.  If you got rid 
of the .db database, ie ran the restart script again, then you'll have to 
get an old one.  Get rid of the file, and replace the .db file 
with the old database, and restart.



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