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Some questions...

I'm using my MOO with the standard WinNT telnet client, and I'm having two 

1) The MOO doesn't echo my characters. Is this standard? Can it be changed?

2) Backspace doesn't work. The thing is, I've used other LPMOOs in which it 
does work. Currently, I'm on local echo, so it LOOKS like the cursor moves 
back, but it really isn't moving anywhere.

Oh - while I'm here, another unrelated question:
I've been creating a verb which I've been modifying all along by using 
"set_verb_code()" and cut&paste from a text-ed. However, the MOO has 
suddenly decided to give me this error every time I try it:

Line 1:  syntax error
1 error.

This is not an error in processing the code, is it? It certainly shouldn't 
be, since I didn't touch line 1.

What could be wrong? The only thing I can think of is that perhaps the 
paste-buffer is overflowing, and it's not getting everything I paste (I 
can't see what's being pasted since it doesn't echo characters). However, I 
doubt this.




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