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newbie wiz subgroup proposal


I'd like to know if there's any interest in setting up a regular meeting of
a subgroup of newbie wizards to deal with newbie wizard issues that we
might otherwise tax the patience of subscribers to this list.  I'm
thinking, oh, maybe once a month, maybe less often than that even. Setting
up some archives of the things we discuss and figure out, a kind of FAQ. Of
course, we'd need the participation of some deeply informed MOO-Cows type,
perhaps some of you wise guys would be willing to rotate the "duty." After
all I would think you have a stake in seeing MOO interest and use continue
(and grow in sophistication by new wizards)

I'm thinking of questions/issues such as these: adjustments to player
classes, e g, built in defaults for stuff like netmail or props that signal
alternative login spots, ways of modifying and extending online help, etc.

Unlike most of you, I'm not as interested in pushing the envelope of the
high end of MOO-code as much as I am in mining the low end. I want to make
our little MOOplace much friendlier for newbies and younger users, yet be
leading them toward some of the more powerful interactions possible on the
MOO. The people I serve tend NOT to be headed toward major programming
projects in the MOO, but *might* be enticed to collaborate on moderate
tasks (big =sigh= and wish for group ownership of objects, or even single
ownership with "tinkering" privileges).

Anyone? Bueller?
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