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Re: Multiple ownership

>There may be many better ways of doing this, but I have implemented
>this in a MOO that I work on this way:  (It gets the job done and 
>requires little work/coding)
>1) create a  .owners property on #1 of the type LIST
>2) do a little hacking in $perm_utils:controls to return ok if the user is
>    *either* .owner or in .owners  (and of course the wiz check)
>3) [optional] you might want to write verbs (mine are @add/rm-owner) 
>    to interface with the property for you.

Don't underestimate how much work this is to do properly.  It took us a while on OpalMOO to work out all the security issues, and we still haven't come up with a fair way to deal with quota.  But essentially you've got the start defined above.

>I don't know much about minimal db's or what exactly is contained 
>in LambdaCore or JHCore, but I believe most MOO's would have
>$perm_utils:controls.  So this would grant multiple ownership, 
>assuming objects respected $perm_utils:controls properly and
>didn't hard code something like `if (player == this.owner)' everywhere.

It's only a start.  Check out $perm_utils on OpalMOO ( 7878) for more.

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