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MO in Minimal

There is no Permissions Object in Minimal.

If you want MO in Minimal You have to get around the fact that Owner
is a Server supplied Property.

I haven't dealt with this yet, in Mod0, if only because I am going
through a Motivational Crisis.

The Question I asked, the person that I was talking to about MO, was
what exactly does it accomplish?

Is it like the ability to write to a text object?

Is it a way of sharing the responsibility for code on an object?

I didn't really get an answer. So Perhaps it is meet that I should
ask here.

Are there any issues other than access to code/text and security that
need to be addressed, is MO really the ability for more than one person
to own the same Object at the same time, or would this just cause 
locking problems when two people try to change the same property
at the same time?

Using a sign-out approach, limits the changes to the Owner of record
(the guy that signed it out). While true Multiple Ownership means that
two versions of the same verb can be being written at the same time,
and only the race for last place will determine which is used.

If that is what is wanted, I am not sure I personally want to impliment it
in NewCore. Why code something I KNOW is going to cause problems later.


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