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MOO 1.7.9p2 memory leak, an appology.

We've found our memory leak - it was a malloc in bf_notify() added by me to 
handle the changes we made there to stop double line spacing on Macs when they 
webbed into the MOO.  We have to only send \n to them, not \r\n, but still send 
\r\n to everyone else, so I add the \r to all lines that don't have a 3rd 
optional arg set.  The adding of a 3rd optional arg in 1.7.9 threw this a bit, 
and my concentration on allowing both to work at the same time made me forget to 
free() the memory I got to allow me to add this \r.  Stupid of me, and I 
appologies to anyone who wasted time looking at this - especially Pavel.

Thanks for your time,



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