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RE: newbie wiz

>>Additional suggestion: Are you guys as tired as I am of schlepping from MOO
>>to MOO seeking bug-free cool generics to enhance your own paltry db
>>offerings? Let's get an annotated, permissioned/approved, list of generics
>>and their locations.
>I put this out to MOO-Cows once, and pretty much everybody ignored me: how
>about compiling a WWW-based MOO-code library. Just text files of object
>dumps...all donation-ware. I have a few lousy objects I'll offer, I'm sure
>there are lots of other people in similar could also become
>a forum for "You know, it would be much easier if you did it THIS way..."
>I'd be happy to start a web-archive, if anybody's interested.
This was the original idea behind the pub/MOO/contrib/moocode
directory on, which I (with all due humility)
got started way back in '91 or '92.  Of course, back then,
the Web wasn't what it is today (that is, white trash,
misspelled, and full of useless graphics and nauseating text).

Oh, I'm sorry.  I'm usually known as T. Pascal, King of Pascal,
and Bryan Snyder! is my son.
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