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Re: Changing parents & dynamic properties

When I am making a "generic" here's what I do.  First I @create the 
	@create #1 named Generic             (not necessarily a #1)

Then I *immediately* make a descendent

	@create Generic named Specific

I create verbs, edit moo-code, install properties etc on Generic and
execute verbs, test, give properties specific values, etc using
Specific.  Then when I'm happy with how Specific is working, I can 
make as many descendents of *Generic* I want (which will then all
start out nearly identical).

The reason you had trouble making Generic only and using it to do all
the testing, installing properties on it etc is that it wasn't really
generic at all - it was a specific instance of the generic you really
wanted to make.

Try this technique on a most simple generic/specific pair and you will
immediately see its power.

Cheers, DVB

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