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Re: Changing parents & dynamic properties

> @chparent'ing the rooms to the test room has a similar affect as if you had
> just created a new child of the test room.  It now has all the verbs and 
> properties of the test room.  It's properties are at this point `inherited' 
> from
> the parent (similar to verbs).  Thus changing the property on the parent 
> changes it on the child.  *IF* you @set the properties of the child, they
> will then be stored locally on the child object, and will no longer reference
> the parent at all (even if you @set them to the same value).  So until a 
> property is altered locally, it is just inherited from the parent.  Once there
> is an alteration that inheritance is broken forever.

Actually, the inherited value can be reinstated by @clearprop'ing the prperty.


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