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Re: Changing parents & dynamic properties

On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, PILOSOF AVI wrote:

> However, now when I use some of the property-changing verbs on the test 
> room, the properties change on ALL the rooms. I thought that a child object 
> was a whole new copy of the object, and had separate (altho identical) 
> properties.

	If the property on the parent has the 'c'lear permission set, its 
behavior is different.
	The parent gets a value for the property, and the children only 
get placeholders which say, if you want to read this property, go to my 
parent and read it from him.
        So, when you read from the child, you are actually getting the 
value as set on the parent.  When you write to the child, you are 
replacing the placeholder with the value you wrote in and the child will 
no longer echo changes of the parent's value.

To illustrate, say, #10 is derived from #1 and #1 has a +c property named 

=> 0
=> 0
=> 2
=> 2
=> 1
=> 1
=> 3
=> 1

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