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fpmoo4 patch now available

Yet another alpha fpmoo patch is now at  This version tries to avoid
the problem with forked tasks by storing the server (actually db
format) version each verb was originally compiled with in the
database, and mimic it on reload.

Consequently, all those old forked tasks will still only have 16
internal variables, and byte codes which exactly match their
respective program counters (hopefully!), whereas the new ones will
have 18 (adding INT and FLOAT).  typeof(1.0) == FLOAT != INT == NUM.

This version also adds "list" and "disasm" commands into Emergency
Wizard Mode, as I found them to be pretty much indispensible while
looking for trouble.

Standard warning: This is alpha test code.  Backup your db before
trying this.

Nonstandard warning: If Pavel doesn't like this implementation, it is
likely that any database you dump with this version will become
*unreadable* in future versions, since the db format has changed.  An
old server *cannot* read a db dumped with this version!

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