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Re: fpmoo3 additional note

In article <v02130500ad2a818baa23@[]>,
Kai Storbeck <> wrote:
> Well, can i user the .diif on the old patched alpha? or should i first get
> a clean copy op alpha6. (probably the last one).
> By the ways, i coudn't get the other one compiled, but that's me, with my
> minor C knowledge.

You can try, but stuff change all over the place, so if you get
rejects, you are probably better off starting clean.

Also, someone (sorry, I forgot your name) wrote me asking if

	toint("2.5")				[=> 0]

shouldn't return the same as

	toint(2.5) or toint(tofloat("2.5"))	[=> 2]

But, if so, shouldn't

	toint("#408")				[=> 0]

return the same as

	toint(#408) or toint(toobj("#408"))	[=> 408]

Same, tofloat("#408") should return 408.0, and toobj("E_INVARG")
ought to return #13.

It seems to me that changing the behaviour of the to*() functions this
drastically in order to improve transience is probably not a good idea
at this stage.

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