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Re: Backspace/Echo

Kipp the Kidd writes:
> There really is something up with the backspace and echo.  My client, 
> TinyFugue works, but many people complain that my alpha6 MOO doesn't work 
> properly with backspace, and LambdaMOO DOES, and they use the same 
> procedure to log in to each...  Is it some sort of code that the MOO 
> is/isn't sending?

I can't see how; the MOO ignores all of the Telnet protocol messages and just
interprets each character as it arrives, throwing away non-printing,
non-newline ones.  This hasn't changed in 1.8.0alphaN in any way that would be
significantly different from the behavior in 1.7.9p2 (at least, not



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