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Re: callers() and :huh

In article <>,
Pavel Curtis  <> wrote:
>Seth writes:
>This is correct, but apparently less well documented than I had thought.  It
>has always been the case that the :huh() verb was called with `verb' equal to
>the verb-name actually typed on the command line.  As a consequence of this,
>you get the callers() result shown in your message.  Note, however, that
>programmers who write code to walk the callers() result should already be more
>careful in what they assume.  The verbs indicated in that stack listing may no
>longer exist, any or all of the verb-location, this, or programmer objects may
>not be valid, etc.  The inclusion in 1.8.0 of entries for built-in function
>calls in the result of callers() (for which both verb-location and this are
>#-1) has already tickled a number of bugs like this in LambdaCore.

Maybe we could have callers() optionally(?) include the verb number,
or 0 if not available?


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