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$network properties to e-male passwords ? wrote:
> HIya,
>         I'm a programmer for netowrk things if you could give me the addres
> of your moo i could proble fix it or tell you whats wrong. If not whats ok
> i'll see what i can do.                 Bryan Snyder
>                            ,,,,
>                           ( 00 )
>                            (__)
> ----------------------oo0-------0oo--------------------
> -                      Bryan Snyder                   -
> -                     Louisville Ohio                 -
> -              -
> - -
> -     If you Think to hard you might hurt yourself    -
> ------------------------|^|----|^|---------------------
>                         |_|    |_|

Thanks for trying to help me !

Giving you my moo adress will hardly help,
as I've just started to run basic LambdaMOO code and core.
What I try to run now is the standard
distribution from

I haven't done much yet, just created two guest characters,
and changed welcome message a bit. That's it.
I compiled MOO with "outgoing network connections",
enabled in options.h file and also
have @set $ to 1, but all this doesn't help.
Though I have no problems with sendmail working with other
MOO doesn't mail character passwords to new players !

I don't know much about other server $network properties I
should set.
Do you ?


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