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If you have network access from some account on the Internet, but 
just don't have telnet, then I would suggest finding a client 
program, such as Tinyfugue, to open the connetion for you.  I don't 
know where Tinyfugue can be reached, maybe someone else on this list 
can point you there.

I would guess that "I don't have telnet access" means that you don't 
have any access at all, because of all the ways to access the 
internet, telnet is the simplest.  If that's so, then Tinyfugue 
wouldn't work either.

So, my best suggestion would be to go through a cheap service 
provider or something so you can access other MOOs.  That's by far 
the best way to learn how to MOO program

Otherwise, perhaps if you're more specific on what kinds of objects 
you'd like to look at, we could be more helpful.

Good luck



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