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Re: MacMOO

>Does anyone know where the MacMOO server and core are kept?

The version of MacMOO that exists is hampered with a few problems - one -
its OLD 1.7.2 or something like that, two its 68k only and its available in
binary source only since the author has dissapared from the net - meaning
the recusion, the seconds and ticks allotted to tasks are fixed, and on
slower macs that means most every task is halted for the LambdaCore DB,
other dbs can work though.

I am currently working on a port of the 1.8.0 tree - it will not be even
remotely mac like - I cant figure out any good methods of bolting a Mac GUI
onto the server - and its slow since Pavel hasnt release a final 1.8.0 and
certain critical elements of UNIX are missing on macs (sockets, stdio,
alarms, forking) - I'm making slow progress in using various libraries
(SIOUX for CodeWarrior, GUSI, and the last piece is the ThreadsLib...)

Many people have expressed interest in the final product - unfortunately I
am busy with a EE project now that is taking up much time - and I am
preapring to make a move to another state at the end of Febuary so its
catch as catch can for now - so please dont flood my mailbox with "I'd like
a copy" messages unless you have CodeWarrior [and trhe requisite
programming experience] and would like help me modify the ANSI/SIOUX files
to accomodate Threading and alarms or massage the server to get further
compliance with GUSI.

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