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Re: Adding MANY players at once

In article <01I0KWTTIJF600B8YM@hparn1.isd1.tafensw.EDU.AU>,
PILOSOF AVI  <> wrote:
> The original thought was to write a unix shell script to telnet to the moo 
> host for each name, and send a "create <name> <pass>" to the host. However, 
> I can't think of a way to do this, since once telnet starts, I doubt I can 
> send a string to its port from the unix shell.

Get a better client.  I think there is a list in the FAQ of  I use tinytalk myself, hacked to bring up the editor
of my choice (i.e. emacs) whenever I invoke a MOO editor (it involves
some hacks to the MOO editor code, too.)  I know a number of people
who hack MOO a lot use moo.el (Emacs-based client); it ought to be
easy to include a file of your choice using that method.


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