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Adding MANY players at once

The moo we are setting up here will be such that people login from a VMS 
based system. When they choose the MOO menu item, they will be automagically 
logged in using their login name and some auto-generated password.

The problem is that we need to add these users in the first place, and we're 
talking about several hundred to begin with.

I have the list of users, formatted however I want, etc, etc, etc.

The original thought was to write a unix shell script to telnet to the moo 
host for each name, and send a "create <name> <pass>" to the host. However, 
I can't think of a way to do this, since once telnet starts, I doubt I can 
send a string to its port from the unix shell.

I'd welcome any suggestions. Assume I have UNIX, WinNT, and VMS at my 

While I'm here, let me ask this:

Why does this command:

;ctime( $time_utils:from_ctime(ctime()) )

Return this:

"Tue Jan 30 03:05:08 1996 EST"

When the date is actually (as returned by ctime):

"Mon Jan 29 11:05:08 1996 EST"




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