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[SERVER] wishlist (was: logging)

>with ($string_utils)
>  x=:explode(argstr);
>  y=.alphabet;
>You get the idea. You don't have to specify $string_utils over and over
>if you use it a lot.

I don't really see how this is better than:

su = $string_utils;
x = su:explode(argstr);
y = su.alphabet;

...which is the common practice.

Implementing the 'with/endwith' structure wouldn't really add any
functionality, would probably add lots of parsing intricacies and reduce
Probably people would then complain about being restricted to 'just one
default value', which has to be of 'just one data type'. Using local vars
solves all this.

What I think would be handy (and has been suggested already) is a way to
undeclare vars, e.g. 'release(foo);'. OTOH, as was pointed out, doing 'foo
= E_VARNF;' is almost as good. :)

:goes to get some coffee, and to try to think why he wrote 'almost'.

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