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Re: [SERVER] wishlist (was: logging)

>What I think would be handy (and has been suggested already) is a way to
>undeclare vars, e.g. 'release(foo);'. OTOH, as was pointed out, doing 'foo
>= E_VARNF;' is almost as good. :)

I agree.  I too often write programs where I include way too many variables
and wish to free up a few, especially in really big tasks like a
path-to-room search...

I'm still trying to figure out if this would be good or not:
What if the variable 's' wasn't defined, and the parser was given this:

s=s+" ";

How hard would it be to make 's' default to "" (or 0 or {} or 0.0)?  It
might speed up performance (a little)...

- Kipp
` Kipp - Michael Mudge #     I like to live close to home    # Syracuse       !
`     Owner of MOO2000 # 2000        # New York       !

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