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Re: server wish list: renumber

>So in the recent discussion of bloat on LambdaMOO, a discussion of
>recycling and renumbering has sprung up.  One of the suggestions was
>to have an optional argument to renumber, "don't care", which, if
>present and true, would prevent the renumber builtin from scanning the
>database to change the ownership of verbs and properties.  It would be
>particularly handy for the specific application renumber(create(#1)),
>in which it is certain that the newly created object owns nothing.

One approach I've read discussed is that the server maintain a list of
objects which have ever owned anything (objects, verbs, properties).
(This list will eventually contain objects which don't -presently- own
anything; that's fine.  This list should automatically be generated when
the server's started.)

When renumber() is called on object FOO, the server checks to see if FOO
(or the obnum to which FOO will be renumbered) is in the list of objects
which have ever owned anything (objects, verbs, properties), and if not,
it may be renumbered without walking through the whole database to repair

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