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Let's see if I have understood about the copyright.
1) neither server nor Core are under GPL
2) server is owned by Xerox and isn't oficially free but anyone can
   use it as free since Xerox wouldn't care
3) Core is owned by Pavel and is free

Is that right? Can anyone correct my conclusions?

Second topic: I became wizard on Little Italy MOO two months ago, and
talking with one of the "old" wizzies, I heard that once upon a long ago
there was on this list a sort of "contest" about the biggest DB.

So, I'm trying to make a poll:

1) how big your DB is (in bytes) ?
2) how many players do you have?
3) what's the average of the connected players? And the record?

Please post here or send mail directly to me. Next week I'll post the 
For obvious resaons, LambdaMOO is out of the contest for the biggest DB.


Ah, if you think this posting is stupid, just ignore it.

See you,
    N	  Message by/spedito da/envoye' par: Paolo "Bussola" Marchiori
W<--O-->E Join me on the first italian MOO: Little Italy
    |     telnet 4444
    V    =20
    S                             -><-=20
GCS d-(+)@>-- s+:-()>- a-- C++(+++)>$ ULAHC++(+)>++++$ P+>+++$ L+++(++)>+=
++++$ E--- W++>$ N++>$ o?
      K--? w+(---)@ O- M- !V PS++PS(+++) PE- Y+ PGP+ !t 5? X-- !R tv- b++=
 DI D+ G e h r+ y++=20


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