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Alien Xfer Protocol v1.b
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 11:24:25 -0700
From: canton <>
Subject: anyone ever gotten xerox to clarify the MOO license before?

Hiya, Folks.

Trying to get some sort of a response from Xerox's legal crew to tell us
whether or not it's okay to use the LambaMOO server software as part of our
commercial enterprise... Kinda running into a *total* dead end. All they're
willing to say is that they haven't released the software as per Xerox's
releasing procedure, and that the licence agreement that accompanies the
lambdaMOO source code isn't necessarily valid since it probably wasn't
cleared by them.

Has anyone else tried to get permission to use LambdaMOO before? Help?

Thanks a zillion. Reward to anyone who can furnish a document that
demonstrates that Xerox officially releases the LambdaMOO server
free-of-charge for whatever purpose. :)


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