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Re: limiting outbound packet size


>DU runs 1.8.0p5 with fup attached 
>uname -a shows...
>SunOS 5.4 generic sun4m sparc

This machine appears to have never had any Sun patches installed.
Otherwise, uname would report something like this:

>uname -a
>SunOS impact 5.4 Generic_101945-27 sun4m sparc

The "generic" or "Generic_101945-27" part of the uname output is
"the operating system version".  The operating system version gets updated
when the kernel is patched, so ladybug's "generic" indicates that
no kernel patches have ever been installed.

Since, according to our sysadmin here, the kernel patches are the most
likely to be installed, it is probable that there are no patches whatsoever
installed on ladybug.

I would start by asking SRI to install the current kernel patches for
Solaris 2.4 and any network patches that might address the problem you're


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