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Re: limiting outbound packet size

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By author:    "David Morris" <>
In newsgroup: local.moo
> Simply stated (and I don't have all the tech details) it seems that
> outbound packets larger than a certain size (1500 bytes is what I
> have heard) block up the outbound connection. People who connect can
> still send commands to the moo but are unable to see any kind of
> feedback. (some have been able to page or send moomail blind, etc)
> uname -a shows...
> SunOS 5.4 generic sun4m sparc

This sounds suspiciously much like the Ethernet maximum packet size,
which is just 1500 bytes when using TCP/IP.  This would seem to
indicate an IP fragmentation in your OS kernel.  Since all versions of
Solaris 2.0 <= x <= 2.4 are notoriously buggy (2.5 and 2.5.1 seem
reasonable), I would suggest either upgrading to Solaris 2.5(.1) or
installing the latest patch cluster from Sun, available from

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