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Re: $server_options and $local

On Sat, 18 Jan 1997, Chris Williams wrote:

> Is there a list anywhere of all the useful props that can be put of 
> $server_options and $local?

	For the $server_options properties, it's suggested you read the
ChangeLog.txt file that comes with the server source.
	For $local, there isn't quite alist out there, at least not to my
knowledge.  Something that is handy to do though (and I still see A LOT of
new MOOs not doing this), is adding the property .new_player_message to
$local and add all your information that a new player should know.
Specially YOUR MOO'S ADDRESS (and IP).  Many new MOOs start up, start
sending out new player email but there's no address in any of them.



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