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announce: some new MOO research on web

I'd like to let the MOO community know that I've just put a new chunk
of MOO research on the Web.

I've recently finished a masters degree in Publishing at Simon Fraser
University in Vancouver BC. My practicum project involved building
a MOO for use in a high-school distance-ed law class, as an environment
for conducting mock trial exercises. The project began in May of 96,
and we wrapped it up in December.

The site is at:

...and includes a pile of documentation on the project, the transcript
of the mock trial we ran in December, some terrible perl scripts, and
my masters report, which explores MOO as a form of dynamic document media.

I hope this is useful to somebody out there; I've found the MOO material
that's online (including this list) very valuable. Thanks!

 - John Maxwell

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