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Re: Quota question

>I never did get any response to my question about ownership_quota and
>size_quota property for programmers which I posted two days ago.   So I am
>trying again.
>What is the difference between the two properties.  I know size quota is
>what determines how much you can build, but then what is ownership_quota.

Good question.  They both handle who may create objects, but they do it in
different ways.

.ownership_quota is used by the server, when create() or recycle() are called
directly.  It's used for object-based quota, if the $quota_utils you have
enabled is object-based.  (Type "@quota" to see what it says -- if it talks
about objects, you're using object-based quota and .ownership_quota is what
you should be paying attention to.)

.size_quota is used in-DB, to enforce byte-based quota.  For this to work
effectively, all players must have their .ownership_quota set to a large
negative number (-10000 is what I've used).  (If the output of "@quota"
refers to bytes, you're using byte-based quota and you should make 
.ownership_quota a large negative.)

>As a wizard, I created a quiz dispenser that will create $note objects for
>other people and then transfer ownership of the object to another person,
>but I am getting a quota exceed error.  The size_quota of the owner of the
>dispenser object has more than enough quota.  Any suggests as to how to get
>around this.  I actually want the dispenser object to create notes without
>having to worry about quota.

As a wizard, you may create objects with the proper owner in the first place.
  new = $recycler:_create(parent-object, intended-owner);
... so if 'new' returns E_QUOTA, the -user- ("intended-owner")truly is out
of quota (in whatever scheme you're using).  It's possible that you're using
create() instead of $recycler:_create (this would return E_QUOTA if your 
.ownership_quota is large and negative).

If none of this helps, drop some more specific information?

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