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My ANSI system...

I finally got around to finishing up version 2.1 of my ANSI system and it is
now available for public use.  The system takes up approximately 90K and is
very easy to set up and use.  This version will work on any MOO server higher
than 1.7.9p2 (possibly even 1.7.8x) and doesn't require any special server
patches.  I have included the README file for it at the end of this mail...  

BTW, has a low connection limit right now so you might want to

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  * The ability to add color and beeping to mail, pages, messages, and
    anything else that eventually gets sent through $player:notify.
  * A built-in automatic setup program, which takes care of 95% of the
    setup needed for the ANSI system and makes backups of what it changes.
  * A complete help database documenting every command line verb and a
    wide variety of topics relating to the ANSI system.
  * An options package for controlling and customizing many aspects of the
    ANSI system.
  * A way for players to safely add color codes to their names.
  * A full set of utility verbs to emulate the corresponding built-in
    functions which are adjusted for use with ANSI codes.
  * The escape and beep characters are stored in non-readable properties
    and are never copied or stored anywhere else, even temporarily.
  * The ability to allow certain users to be trusted by the ANSI system,
    and allowing them to have limited control over it (activating and
    deactivating it in case of an emergency, adding codes and groups, etc)
  * A very small number of verbs needing to run with wizard permissions.
  * The ANSI is turned off by default for each player, so no ANSI codes
    will ever be sent to a player who doesn't want to see them.
  * The ability for players to turn groups of codes on and off

  If you are starting a new MOO and wish to have ANSI on it, the easiest
    way is to use the ANSICore.  The ANSICore is a copy of the December
    25, 1995 LambdaCore in which everything has been fixed to work
    correctly with the ANSI.  The escape and beep characters are already
    present in the database so no set up or installation is necessary.
    The latest ANSICore is available via anonymous FTP from in the directory /mcsnet.users/darkowl/ANSI, in a
    file named ANSICore.db.gz. (Sorry, due to file quotas I was unable to
    include the uncompressed version, but it is still available from in the directory /pub/ANSI)
    NOTE: While the ANSI system is activated in the core, all players
      start out with the ANSI defaulting to off, so you will have to type
      '@ansi-options +all' before you can see any color.

  To install the ANSI system on an already existing MOO, you will need the
    installation script.  This file should be uploaded into the MOO as a
    non-wizard (usually the second character of the wizard installing the
    ANSI) and will port the objects and give you instructions on how to
    start up the automatic setup program.  The latest installation script
    is available via anonymous FTP from in the directory
    /mcsnet.users/darkowl/ANSI, in a file named ANSI.moo.

Comments, suggestions, and bugs:
  Please direct all comments, suggestions, and bug reports to:

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