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clear_property() bug

I've been asked to post about a bug in 1.8.0a6's clear_property built-in. 
Apparently, when clear_property() is used on a property that is defined on
the object, rather than being inherited from it's parents, the built-in
should return E_INVARG, but instead it returns an invalid variable type
which panics the server if you try to tostr() it.  I don't have alpha6
compiled on my system right now but I tried it with alpha4 and although it
didn't return an invalid variable type, it didn't return E_INVARG either. 
Instead, it returned 0 and set the property to 0.  Does someone with alpha6
want to confirm this for me?  Is this related to that other E_INVARG bug
found in alpha6, possibly the same one? (sorry if it is, I'm just forwarding
this information on to you guys from someone else)

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