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I was working on checksum code for the new object porter I'm planning, but I
never figured out a very good way to do it.  I finished all of the actual
checksumming code, but I never found a good way to ignore MOO-specific
things like the .creation_time property most MOOs have.  So it was usually
not very useful for checking objects between MOOs, but it worked great for
checking if an object had been changed recently.  (In fact, this is the
reason I asked for server support of a .last_changed property, so I could
have the checksumming task run every day or so and only update the checksums
of the objects that had been changed)

BTW, I'm currently brainstorming ideas for my object porter so if anyone has
any suggestions or things that annoy you about the current ones (@autoport,
etc), please send them.  I am going to attempt to keep a database of
distributed MOOcode on my MOO and have the actual porter object get it's
code from there.  I will also have a scanner object which will scan the
object and store it in the database.  This will allow one person to scan an
object and then many people will be able to create one on multiple MOOs,
without rescanning it.

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