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Re: BETA-TEST release of LambdaMOO version 1.8.0beta1

>   If one of X or Y is an integer and the other is a floating-point number,
>   then most of these operators raise E_TYPE; there are no automatic coercions
>   of integers to floating-point numbers.

How about making a server options property:
dont_care_wether_a_variable_is_integer_or_float ... When it exists and is
true, comparisons and calculations wouldn't raise E_TYPE... Not that I'd
enable it for my whole MOO... but maybe even a verb flag instead of
$server_options prop...
Any calculcation that contains a FLOAT would return a FLOAT value.  Anything
that contains COMPLETELY INT values will return integers...  It would keep
people from complaining either way.

Also.. is it possible to make '.1' unparse into '0.1'?
Do you think either both should work, or both shouldn't?:
  tostr("$",tofloat(".02")) -> "$0.02"
  tostr("$",.02) -> {"Line 1: parse error"}

- Kipp


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