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Re: BETA-TEST release of LambdaMOO version 1.8.0beta1

Kipp the Kidd writes:
> > If one of X or Y is an integer and the other is a floating-point number,
> > then most of these operators raise E_TYPE; there are no automatic coercions
> > of integers to floating-point numbers.
> How about making a server options property:

I think this would be a really bad idea; we should simply come to an agreement
about which way to go on this one and then do it.  Anything else leads to *way*
too many porting and code-copying problems.

> Also.. is it possible to make '.1' unparse into '0.1'?
> Do you think either both should work, or both shouldn't?:
>   tostr("$",tofloat(".02")) -> "$0.02"
>   tostr("$",.02) -> {"Line 1: parse error"}

I agree that there ought to be consistency here; I'll look into fixing it in



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